Brigid Meagher- Marketing Coordinator

How many years have you been with raiseRED? 
One year as a dancer, two as morale, and first year on executive board!
What are you studying at UofL?
Why do you dance?
I dance for hope, because I believe that we can and that we are making a change in the lives of families that struggle with something some of us are lucky enough not to be able to relate to. I dance because RaiseRED is the first real thing I became involved with on campus & the first thing I became so passionate about, and I love pushing my limits and seeing how far that passion can go every year. Most importantly I dance for more smiles, more birthdays, and all the kids at the clinic fighting everyday for what they deserve; a normal childhood. 
Advice for first time dancers?
Stay, stay, stay!!!! It only gets better and better. The feeling after 18 long hours when that final total is finally revealed, whether you helped contribute $100 or $1,000, is an indescribable feeling of overwhelming joy and pride that we as students were able to contribute to something so much bigger than ourselves.
Favorite raiseRED memory? 
Probably reveal my sophomore year. I had just gotten more involved with raiseRED as a morale captain and I really didn’t expect how big of a reaction I was going to have when the final total went up and we beat our goal by 22k!
Fun fact about yourself?
In 7th grade I stayed up until 3 in the morning memorizing 52 digits of pi before pi day. I maybe remember the first six.