Ellie Romes – Operations Director

How many years have you been with raiseRED? 
1 year Dancer, 1 year Morale Captain, 2 years Executive Board
What are you studying at UofL?
Biology and Spanish
Why do you dance?
I dance for the kids that can’t, the families that suffer, and the hope for a cure.
Advice for first time dancers?
Be open to the power of vulnerability. Come to the event and let it change your life.
Favorite raiseRED memory? 
My favorite memory is getting to see the growth that has occurred in the past 4 years. This organization is touching so many lives, and the growth on campus and in the community has been incredible. A second favorite memory was at the Gold Ribbon Event. The song “God’s Not Dead” came on, and the kids and us were able to dance our hearts out to this song. It reaffirmed the work that we are doing and was a powerful moment for me.
Favorite food, movie, artist?
Chipotle, pizza, and chicken wings — all tied for favorite foods; The Last Song (haha); and any and all acoustic cover
Fun fact about yourself?
I am HIGHLY addicted to coffee. A cup (or three) a day keeps Ellie’s migraines away.