Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to stay the whole 18 hours?

A: Dance Marathon is an experience of a lifetime and one thing that makes it that way is the commitment to stay for 18 hours for the kids that can’t. You are permitted to leave the event but the best part of raiseRED is the total reveal and community hour that happens the next morning, you won’t want to miss it!


Q: Do we dance the entire time?

A: Although raiseRED is a dance marathon, you are not dancing the entire 18 hours. Outside of dancing there are other fun things to do including games, different stations, activities and food. There is a line dance that will be taught throughout the night and will be performed during Community Hour at the end of the marathon.


Q: I’m not in a fraternity or sorority, I heard raiseRED was a Greek event?

A: raiseRED is not a Greek only event. We pride ourselves that raiseRED is an opportunity for all students to get together and have fun for such a great cause.


Q: What happens if I don’t raise $100?

A: Unfortunately, if you do not raise your $100 fundraising minimum you are not allowed to participate in the marathon. Although this sounds scary, there are plenty of opporunities for you to raise your $100 minimum. For fundraising tips, look for our fundraising manual in this handbook.


Q: Will there be food and drinks all night?

A: Throughout the night there will be plenty of free food and drinks to keep energized.


Q: When will I know what team I’m on and who my Team Leader is?

A: Once Team Leaders are selected, you will recieve an email from them with information regarding teams and other important stuff about the marathon.