Q: What is a dance marathon?

A: At raiseRED, we pledge to spend 18 hours without sleeping or sitting! Though it is called a “dance marathon”, we do not dance the entire time. Throughout the night there are a variety of games, activities and team competitions. We also learn a line dance throughout the 18-hour dance marathon that will be performed during the final few minutes of raiseRED when the fundraising total is revealed!  You also have the opportunity to meet some of the children and their families.

Q: Where does the donation money go?

A: All of the proceeds benefit the University of Louisville pediatric oncology and hematology clinic. 50% of the money goes to research at the clinic that is lead by Dr. Raj. The other 50% goes to basic clinic needs. The money that we raise each year truly makes a difference in a child’s life!

Q: Where does my registration fee go?

A: Your registration fee helps to facilitate raiseRED itself. It pays for your t-shirt and food at the event. Any money that is left over is donated back to the clinic.

Q: I’m not in a fraternity or sorority, I heard raiseRED was a Greek event?

A: raiseRED is not a Greek only event. We pride ourselves that raiseRED is an opportunity for all students to get together and have fun for such a great cause.

Q: How do I raise the $225?

A: While the number may be intimidating, there are many ways to raise the money! Share your page’s link on social media for friends and family to see, paint and sell canvases, tutor or babysit, ask your professors, etc. Keep an eye out on raiseRED social media for tips leading up to the event!

Q: How do I start a team?

A: If your organization doesn’t already have a team, you can start one by contacting our Dancer Relations Coordinator! Email dancerrelations.raiseRED@gmail.com for more information.

Q: Can individual dancers sign up?

A: Absolutely! When registering for raiseRED you can choose to sign up under a team or as an individual.

Q: What requirements do I have as a dancer?

A: In order to attend raiseRED, you must raise the minimum amount of $225. We invite all students to register and fundraise for raiseRED. Because the capacity of our event is limited, we are only able to allow in our top fundraisers. Each dancer has a goal to raise over $225. Those who raise over that amount by 8:00 PM EST on Thursday, February 21, 2019, are invited to participate in the dance marathon

Q: Will members of the same registration group be on the same color team during the event?

A: Maybe! Dancers will be assigned to color teams based on the organization that they register with. However, an organization may be split between 2-3 colored teams.