$225 can seem like a big number, however there are plenty of ways to raise the money.

Sometimes they will say no, but keep pushing forward to ask more & more people.

By creating small goals, your fundraising will lead to

big successes!

Most importantly, reach out to everyone you know!
Whether this be high school friends, a parent co-worker or even a random stranger, make sure to add your own personalization to why you dance & are For The Kids.

Other Tips

Here are some other ways, that you can successfully fundraise:
– Share your fundraising link on social media
– Babysit
– Bake sale
– Tutor
– Reach out to professors
– Host a fundraising event
– Reach out to local businesses
– Venmo request
– Create buttons/bracelets/canvases/etc. to sell
– Send hand written letters
– Particpate in Buzz for a Cure
– Sell old t-shirts

Additional Help

Ask your Team Leaders, Morale Captains, or Student Outreach
Coordinators (SOCs) for any additional help or tips on fundraising. Also, be checking out raiseRED social media for tips leading up to the event.