Karis Rogers – Co-Morale Coordinator

How many years have you been with raiseRED? 
1 year as dancer, 2 years as Morale Captain, 1st year on Executive Board
What are you studying at UofL?
Why do you dance?
I dance for something bigger than myself! Knowing that I can do something that seems so small, but means the world to kids and their families, motivates me to continue to help make a difference. I dance to provide hope, strength, and courage to these families so they know that they are not alone. And lastly, I dance to create a domino effect in the community around me. Hoping that they see the efforts of my peers and they too will join our fight against childhood cancer!
Advice for first time dancers?
Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone, meet new people, and be weird for 18 hours!
Favorite raiseRED memory? 
I have to pick only one? Top 3: 1) Putting Chase (clinic kid) on my back during the marathon and flying her around like an airplane. 2) Teaching the line dance in front of hundreds of dancers. 3) Hugging all of TLM and crying together after the final reveal last year.
Favorite food, movie, artist?
Any type of Mexican food, any Disney movie,  J. Cole, Drake, and Beyonce
Fun fact about yourself?
I’m obsessed with the show Friends and One Tree Hill.