Madi Harley- Family Relations Coordinator

How many years have you been with raiseRED? 
1 year as a dancer, 2 years as a team leader and 1st year on executive board!
What are you studying at UofL?
Why do you dance?
RaiseRED is the perfect opportunity to be a part of something bigger than myself during my college years. Working alongside such selfless and dedicated people inspires me to be a better version of myself. My aunt just passed away this summer from a 13 year battle with cancer, and having gone through such pain and tragedy in my family, I can’t even imagine going through the same thing with a child. That has strengthened my passion toward fundraising to find a cure and supporting these children and their families.
Advice for first time dancers?
My advice to first time dancers is to fully embrace the moment. The dance marathon consists of 18 hours worth of moments, and you won’t want to miss any of them. You will be surrounded by friends, peers, as well as patients and their families, all of whom can touch your life in a special way. You will get tired at some points, and your legs may start to feel like jello, but just embrace that feeling and remember that all of your efforts are for those precious and wonderful kids!!!!!
Favorite raiseRED memory? 
My favorite RaiseRED memory was during my first dance marathon when I got the courage to embrace my horrendous dancing skills and hop on stage to jam to Lady Gaga with Matthew. As a freshman, getting out of my comfort zone and dancing in front of everyone, as well as truly interacting with one of the wonderful kids we dance for, truly made me fall in love with this organization.
Fun fact about yourself?
My childhood activities included roller hockey and chess 🙂