Stacie Tolliver- Dancer Relations Coordinator

How many years have you been with raiseRED? 
1 year as a dancer and 1 year as a Student Outreach Coordinator, 1st year on Executive Board!
What are you studying at UofL?
Why do you dance?
I dance because all of the little things that we do as students turns into something huge. The money that we raise benefits the kids, families, nurses, doctors, researchers and countless other wonderful people. You meet amazing kids and families with the most inspiring stories and brilliant people from the clinic who dedicate their lives to finding a cure. Each donation or hour spent working with raiseRED goes a long way and it is an incredible experience to watch it all come together. 
Advice for first time dancers?
Commit to no sitting and stay the whole time!! The experience is so much more rewarding if you give it your all for the entire 18 hours. The feeling you get when you see reveal is unmatched and it makes it that much more special if you have been up for the whole marathon. As tiring as it can be, it is absolutely worth it for you to stay the whole time!! 
Favorite raiseRED memory? 
Each year my best friend and I come up with new dance moves throughout the marathon and it so much fun to see how bad all of our ideas get by the end. We still whip out some of our moves from time to time outside of raiseRED too! By our senior year I cannot wait to see what terrible dance moves we have come up with 72 hours of dance marathoning!
Fun fact about yourself?
I spent over 400 hours in the library in one single semester. That’s not very fun but it is a fact!